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  • Gain fine-tuned control over every single hit that comes to your website.
  • Control how other sites and search engines see you and your visitors.
  • Build and control a full network of sites from a single, simple UI.


Our collection of products is constantly expanding and improving.


Our most popular tool! Pick a trigger, and connect it to an action. It's that easy. DetectR is the most powerful traffic control tool on the market!

Keyword Tools

Build huge lists of keywords for use in a wide variety of tools. Whether it's generating lists from scratch, or combining and filtering, we've got you covered.


Manage all your domains, servers, sites, and WordPress installations from one simple UI.

Popup Builder

Build custom popups that are triggered whenever you want. Whether it's when the visitor clicks, goes to leave the page, or any of the many customizable options provided by DetectR, you're in full control.

You've visited a DetectR site, and had no idea!

DetectR has powered thousands of websites and handled billions of hits. There's a decent chance you've stumbled on one of our clients' websites, and DetectR showed you exactly what the site owner wanted.

Our UI is so simple to pick up, yet gives you more power than you can imagine!

So easy!

Our advanced users can take advantage of features like custom and built-in shortcodes, looping, custom PHP/javascript actions, complex decision trees, and more!


We can brag all we want about how great our products are, but listen to what our customers have to say.

It costs nothing to start

Registration is completely free! Get in, take a look around, and give things a try. When you're ready to scale up, you buy credits and pay for what you use. It's that easy! We don't even want your credit card information. There is no downside.

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